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Rocco Silano - Worlds Most Original Close-Up Magician (FISM 2006)
"Richie Magic's love and respect for people is evident in his performance and his passion for magic is contagious, he never ceases to impress and amaze me. Richie is an inspiration to everyone who meets/knows him including me, Rocco".

Sandy Marshall - Writer, Director, Producer, Actor and CEO of Magic Inc.
"Richie Magic Rules !! He's one of the genuinely clever guys out there today. Our customers at Magic Inc. love the "Richie Magic Gag Tag". It's the pet rock for the new millennium."

Michael Chaut - Creator and Producer of Monday Night Magic
"Richie is one of the finest people I know in magic".

Todd Robbins - Coney Island Wonder Worker, Side Show Sensation, Actor and Producer.
"Richie Magic is a guy who truly lives up to his name !!! He's the best".

Criss Angel - Master Illusionist, Creator of Mindfreak, Star of Las Vegas "Believe", and Rock Musician.
"Believe in Magic, Richie Magic".

Gary Dreifus - The Dominant Mind, Professor of Magic and well known Master of Ceremonies.
"Richie Magic is one of the finest entertainers I know, never tiring of pleasing his audience, he goes above and beyond other magicians. Richie injects his brand of humor and expertise in every performing situation. He is a true friend and master of his craft".

Simon Lovell - Sleight of Hand Expert, Ex Con Man and Star
Of Longest Running One Man Off - Broadway Magic Show (Strange and Unusual Hobbies)
"Richie is a brilliant fire-ball of entertainment and easily one of the very best close-up magicians I have ever seen. He's a dear friend and it has been my pleasure to watch him work as well as perform with him".

Tony Hassini - I.M.S. (International Magicians Society) Chairman and CEO
"I'm writing these words with joy in my heart. I can honestly say that Richie and Barbara are my dearest friends. They are two of the finest people I know in magic. Richie is a great magician with many skills and a wide variety of knowledge in the world of magic. They are both very well liked and respected among our peers. I am thankful to them both for being my friend".

Ted Greenberg - Comedian, Emmy Award Winning Writer for David Letterman, Producer and Star of his own Off-Broadway Show "Complete Performer"
"Richie Magic is about as fun and fun-loving a magician as you'll ever find. His repertoire of magic is almost as large as his heart, Richie's Great".

Roger "Rogue" Quan - Magician, Producer, and Owner Rogue Magic and Fun Shop, Elmhurst, New York
"Richie is an amazing and talented master magician, comedian, and great friend".

Rev. Dr. David R. Adamovich (T.G.T.) The Great Throwdini, The Worlds Fastest and Most Accurate Knife Thrower, 25 World Records including 1 of the Top 100 Guinness World Records of All Time.
"When you say "That's Magic", your right. He IS Magic... Richie Magic. PERIOD".

Rich Stevens Popular Radio & TV Personality
"Richie Magic re-defines what magic is all about... fun, mystery and comedy second to none all rolled into one...  Magic is his name, HELLO.... Richie MAGIC, nuff said"

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